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When and how are you paid for a temporary disability?

| Dec 23, 2016 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

So you got hurt at work, you’re going to miss time and you believe you’re eligible for temporary disability payments. The bills don’t stop coming just because you’re not at work, so one of the first questions you have is simple: When are you going to be paid?

The thing you should know about temporary disability payments is that you need to miss over seven days of work to be eligible, so you won’t be paid right away. You may eventually get money for those initial seven days, but this is only done if you miss in excess of 21 days of work.

You should be paid fairly quickly for time that is eligible. That first check should be sent within the initial 21 days of official disability. Please note that this is when it should be mailed to you, so it may take longer to arrive, depending on a variety of factors.

As for how much you’ll be paid, there is a maximum put in place by the Workers’ Compensation Act. Your payments won’t exceed that. Typically, though, you get a full two-thirds of what you normally would have earned on the job. This is determined by looking at your average wage per week. For instance, if you make $21 per hour, you could be paid around $14 per hour for disability.

This process can be complex, and it’s important to know what legal steps to take and what information is needed to ensure prompt payment. For example, the authorized physician that you’re seeing has to confirm that you’ve been injured and are truly missing work.

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