The streets of Georgia may be full of motorcycle riders and lovers, but it is not necessarily a motorcycle-friendly state. If you ask people who regularly use their motorcycle to commute, they will inform you about bad drivers and oblivious pedestrians. Riding your bike into the city takes superior awareness and excellent riding skills to avoid accidents

If you ride in the city, whether it is to run errands or for a commute, you do not need to be afraid, but you should plan ahead and be careful. Here are some things you can do to ride skillfully and safely in the urban jungle.

1. Make sure everyone sees you

You may want to be sleek in all-black leather, but what is stylish may not necessarily be the safest thing. Try to wear bright or reflective colors. By increasing your visibility, you may reduce your chances of getting hit by a car.

2. Keep scanning

Avoid only looking straight ahead of you. Keep swiveling your head to scan the entire environment around you. Always keep an eye on your mirrors, blind spots and even behind you. It is this type of total awareness and constant vigilance that may save you from unforeseen hazards. 

3. Be careful when turning left

There is nothing worse about riding a motorcycle than the deadly left turn. Never assume that the motorist in oncoming traffic with his turn signal on sees you. Sometimes these drivers do not even notice other cars. Due to your slim profile, you can flick your bright lights on or honk your horn if you need to alert someone like this. Be ready to brake, swerve or get on the gas suddenly if the car comes towards you.

It can be stressful riding around so many cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. But if you follow these city-riding tips, you will be safer on your motorcycle.