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Dog owners sometimes cite provocation as the cause of a bite

| Mar 22, 2018 | Dog Bites, Firm News |

A dog bite is a scary experience for any human. These incidents can also cause significant injuries so when they occur, medical care is often necessary. Oftentimes, the victims will decide that the dog’s owner should be held liable for the damages the dog caused. One way to do this is through a personal injury lawsuit.

The owner of the dog will often try to present a defense against the claims of the victim. One of these is that the dog was provoked. In many cases, this isn’t at all the case. Still, it might behoove you to learn a little bit about what the owner’s claim might entail.

A dog owner might claim that the dog was only acting aggressively because it felt threatened. In some cases, this is true. If the dog was guarding its food or space, there is a chance that its natural instinct was the cause of the attack. Still, this isn’t something that should be acceptable. A well-socialized dog isn’t going to fear that a human will take these items so the chance of an attack should be minimal.

Dog owners will often try to nitpick the events that led up to the bite. Just to be clear — there aren’t any good reasons why a dog should bite a person unprovoked. It is one thing if the dog bites an intruder, but biting someone invited on the property or who was just minding his or her own business isn’t ever acceptable.

Your case should be focused on showing how the dog bite impacted your life and what types of financial implications you have to deal with now. These are important points in your case.

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