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Premises liability is more than just slip-and-fall accidents

| May 11, 2018 | Firm News, Slip-and-fall Injuries |

Sometimes, it is easy to think of slip-and-fall accidents as the only type of premises liability issues that might creep up. This isn’t the case. There are many more different types of accidents that fall under this broad legal umbrella. We know that you might not know if the case that you have falls under it or not. We are here to help you find out what you need to know about seeking compensation for any accident.

With the summer months here, one type of premises liability accident that might occur is one in the swimming pool. People and companies that own pools have to make sure that they are safe. This means having a fence up around them when it is required. They also need to ensure that the proper safety equipment is included in the pool area. Proper safety rules should also be in place.

Even a trip to the store in the summer comes with a risk of a premises liability issue. You may have tripped on a rug or been hit in the head when something fell off a shelf. Both of these incidents are premises liability issues.

Not having adequate security or lighting is another problem that can be classified here. You have the right to expect to be safe when you visit a company or go to an event. Oftentimes, having security on hand is a way that guests can be protected; however, some companies might be reluctant to pay for security at their event.

We understand the intricacies that come with these cases. We can go over each event with you to determine what options we have to get everything settled.