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Unsafe hayrides can lead to injuries

| Sep 20, 2018 | Firm News, Slip-and-fall Injuries |

Hayrides are meant to be a fun fall activity. Many farmers rely on these rides to bring an extra income in, but they must ensure that safety is a top priority if they are going to offer these. There is a chance that things will go wrong and innocent riders might be injured.

Many different factors go into ensuring that visitors are safe. These all start off with the planning for the rides. When any of these factors is missing, there is a chance that riders will be harmed:

The route must be planned to ensure that there aren’t any hazards that will cause a problem. Steep inclines and sharp turns should be avoided. They must also ensure that emergency services can reach all of the areas that the ride will traverse.

Anyone who is working the hayride should make sure that they are familiar with the route. A clear safety plan should be provided and there must be reliable communication methods in case there is an accident. Proper training regarding how many riders can go on the hayride at one time, how they will embark and disembark and all required safety rules is imperative.

The tractor that is used should have smooth and reliable operation. A jerking tractor can jerk the trailer, which might throw riders off the hay bales. Additionally, the hay that is used should be dry or it may be too slippery.

It is important to note that many farms are underinsured and might not have appropriate liability insurance to handle issues with these types of events. If you or your child is injured during a hayride, you should find out what kind of insurance benefits you might receive. You might also decide that you need to seek compensation for the damages that stem from the event.