Some workers will have to work out in the elements this winter. Even though the Atlanta area isn’t as frigid as other areas, there are still risks that come with doing work outside. For some workers, long hours out in the cold or rain are common. In these cases, the employers they work for should have appropriate protocols in place to ensure that the workers don’t fall victim to weather-related illnesses and injuries.

One thing that all workers outside should remember is that you need to use caution when you are walking around. This is especially true if there is ice or snow on the ground, which isn’t often in this part of Georgia. Although you can’t prevent surfaces from becoming slippery, that doesn’t mean that the employer can’t take steps to reduce the likelihood of a worker slipping and falling. Using kitty litter or salt to help melt the snow or ice and to provide traction can help.

Another hazard is the cold temperatures. You should dress in layers if you will be out in the cold. Your employer should provide you with breaks that enable you to warm up, especially if it is windy and the wind chill feels colder than the actual temperature. Additionally, you must remember to stay hydrated in these conditions. Even though it is cold, you will still sweat if you are doing laborious work.

Some conditions, such as frostbite, are possible in colder temperatures. If any worker suffers an injury due to the cold weather and related situations on the job site, they should seek out workers’ compensation to help with the cost of medical care and to provide partial wage replacement.