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Beware of slippery entryways during big game celebrations

| Feb 1, 2019 | Firm News, Slip-and-fall Injuries |

Atlanta is being overrun by football fans who are in town to see the big game. Businesses are probably happy because they are going to see more customers, but this might come at a cost. With the rain that is in the forecast for this weekend, those customers will be tracking water into businesses when they walk in. This can pose a risk for others who come into the building.

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to very serious injuries. It is up to each business to take steps to reduce the risk that someone will fall when they come into the building. There are several ways that they can do this. One is to lay down mats that can absorb some of the water, but this might not provide a comprehensive solution since there is still a chance that they will become too saturated to be effective.

Another option that can be used with the mats is an industrial blower. This can help dry surface moisture that is on the side of the mats, as well as helping dry the mats themselves. It won’t completely dry them, but it might help.

Finally, businesses should have “Wet Floor” signs posted at the door. This lets everyone coming in know that there is a risk of slipping.

When businesses don’t take the appropriate steps to control moisture in the entryways, customers who slip and fall might choose to seek compensation if they are injured. This can help them recover the financial losses they have suffered because of the accident. This might include lost wages, medical bills and other expenses that the victim has to deal with.