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Is texting and driving really that dangerous?

| Mar 22, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Time and time again, it leads to accidents. Take, for example, studies that have found that it’s actually six times as likely that you’ll get in a wreck while texting than if you were driving drunk. Or, look at the claims that a full 25 percent of accidents in the United States stem from texting behind the wheel.

In one case, to raise awareness, authorities even released a picture of a man’s phone after a deadly accident. He was halfway through a text message that he had been writing when his car went out of control. He crashed and died, and it could not have been more clear that a simple text message was the reason for the wreck.

Of course, just understanding the danger yourself does not always keep you safe. Other drivers still do not understand the risk and think they can text safely. If one of them hits you and you suffer serious injuries, you need to know how to seek financial compensation.