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Children’s toys do not have to be a liability

| Oct 16, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Birthdays and holidays are a great excuse to dote on your kids. Most parents spend a lot of money on toys and gifts for their Georgia children. What happens when those toys turn out faulty and lead to serious injuries? Dangerous or defective toys can lead to personal injuries. Gammon, McFall & Villarreal has helped clients recover after a defective product injury. To avoid other injuries, however, the AAP released safety tips for gifts.

Stay cautious when it comes to toys that contain magnets or button batteries. If a child swallows a magnet or button battery, he or she may have serious intestinal or throat problems. Button batteries are common in remote controls, musical cards and small electronic devices. Despite the concern for button batteries, battery-operated devices are better for children under the age of 10. This prevents children from shocking themselves with the wall outlet. It also decreases the chances of burn injuries.

For young children, remove any string, ribbon or tags first. Long strings can be a risk for strangulation. If your child receives a gift from someone else, it is important that you read the label first. Dangerous and defective products can lead to serious and fatal injuries. Instead of turning your life upside down over a toy, be careful of the toys that you purchase.

If you follow all of the proper precautions and your child still suffers an injury after using a toy, then you may not have any other recourse than to file a personal injury suit. More information about this topic is located on our page.