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Who has to report product defects to the CPSC?

| Dec 30, 2019 | Personal Injury |

When a business or individual releases a product for consumers in Georgia, it must be reasonably safe. Dangerous products can cause serious injuries to consumers. If a company willingly provides defective products, aware that they are dangerous, then that company is liable for damages. At every stage in the process, from the manufacturer until the product reaches the hands of the consumer, those involved at the manufacturing, distribution and retail levels have a duty to protect consumers.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and importers must report unsafe products. This is a legal obligation. If for any reason, a person believes that a product may have a substantial risk of injury or that the product has an unreasonable risk of injury, he or she must immediately report the information or face civil or criminal penalties.

Certain products have safety rules, regulations and standards. If a product does not comply with those or directly goes against a ban by the CSPSA, then the product is unsafe. They must also report any incident where a child suffers a serious injury ceases breathing or dies due to a part of a toy.

Now, if a company discovers a fault or defect with a product but has knowledge that another company or entity reported it to the Commission, then the company does not have to file another report. There must be a reason to believe that the company has knowledge of the report. Now, if there is a chance of harm, but there have been no reports, you would still have to report it if you see it.

The above is only meant to explain defective products, it is not legal advice.