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Failure to yield and bicycle accidents

| Apr 27, 2020 | Personal Injury |

On the road, bicyclists face many hazards. However, reckless drivers and those who do not obey traffic safety regulations are a major threat. Many bicyclists are injured and even killed as a result of reckless driving and those who disregard the safety of bicyclists need to answer in court. 

In this post, we will look into various concerns related to a driver’s failure to yield. When bicyclists have the right of way and a driver fails to yield, the driver should not get away with their actions, especially if they collide with a bicyclist. Sadly, these accidents frequently cause debilitating injuries because of the size of vehicles and the consequences of the impact. 

Intersections and stop signs 

Many bicycle accidents occur at intersections and in places where drivers were supposed to come to a complete stop. Sadly, some drivers do not pay attention to bicyclists or the rules of the road. When a driver blows through an intersection, red light or stop sign without yielding to bicyclists, pedestrians or other vehicles, an accident is especially likely to occur. 

Distractions and other concerns 

Many drivers who fail to yield are distracted by their cell phone, GPS or some other factor. Distracted driving is especially prevalent in the digital age and there is no excuse for failing to pay attention to stop signs and other traffic signals. Moreover, many drivers exhibit this behavior when they are running late for work or experiencing road rage. On our law office’s blog, many other topics related to bicycle accidents and the consequences of a collision are discussed, as well as the legal rights available to victims.