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How to fix the motorcycle visibility problem

| Apr 15, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

One of the top causes of motorcycle accidents is a driver who failed to see the motorcycle. Due to your motorcycle’s small size and quick nature, it can be easy to overlook it coming down the road if a driver is not expecting it to be there. Despite this, drivers have the responsibility of watching out for others on the road, which includes motorcycles, pedestrians, bicyclists, other vehicles and even animals. 

However, just telling drivers to be alert and aware does not stop the many motorcycle accidents that occur every year. Motorcycle riders need to look out for themselves because they cannot count on drivers to watch out for them. 

Increasing visibility 

There are several things you can do to make yourself and your bike more visible to drivers. Motorcyclist explains that while these are great tips, you still need to be vigilant and watch out for drivers who do not see you. 

Make yourself hard to miss with reflective and bright clothing. While the stereotypical motorcycle gear is black leather, that is not good for visibility, especially at night. You should wear clothing that is easy to see and makes you stand out. 

Using sound 

You can also make sure drivers know you are there by using a horn. Install one on your bike and use it in situations where you fear a driver may not see you or when coming up on intersections. Keep in mind that while your bike may have a loud exhaust, that sound is flowing behind you, so it may not be something a driver ahead of you will notice. 

Make sure you stay in a position that makes you easy to see. Do not sit behind another vehicle or crowd too close to others. Also, avoid getting too close to either side of the lane and staying there. Instead, move about in your lane. Movement catches the eye and can help a driver be more likely to see you. You can also ensure a driver sees you when making a turn by making eye contact if possible.