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Dangers drivers face on the roads

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2017 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

With warmer weather comes an increase in traffic and accidents on the roads in Cedartown. Every day, motorists travel to and from their destinations without a thought to the dangers they face along the way. There are traffic regulations, signs, lights and law enforcement to help mitigate these hazards so drivers can have safer commutes. However, the best way for motorists to protect themselves on the roads is to learn about the risks they face so they can better avoid them.

Drunk drivers

People who drive after consuming alcohol are gambling with their lives and with those of other motorists. Along with the risk of car accidents and injuries, many drunk drivers are at risk for causing a significant amount of property damage. Many intoxicated drivers do not realize their actions are impeded by the alcohol flowing through their bodies. They are also more reckless than usual because the substance clouds their judgment and emotions.


Distracted drivers are a growing epidemic all over the country. Motorists who use their cellphones to take calls, send and receive text messages and take pictures for social media use do so without regard for their personal safety or anyone else’s. Distractions come in many forms for drivers and are not limited to passengers, food, GPS navigational systems and car infotainment centers. Unlike other risks that affect motorist safety, all distractions are preventable.


Some drivers have longer commutes than others and may end up becoming tired before they reach their destinations. Many motorists who drive while tired often wind up colliding with other vehicles. Drivers can avoid driving while fatigued by taking the time to stop and rest. They can also prepare themselves for their travels in advance by getting more sleep before they leave and paying attention to their bodies and mindset.

Wet road conditions

The arrival of spring means an increase in rainy days and wet roads. When moisture mixes with the oil and other car fluids on the road, they become slicker and more challenging for drivers to safely navigate their vehicles on. Motorists should exercise caution when driving on slippery pavements by driving slower. They should also increase their stopping distance so they can avoid crashing into other vehicles.

Reckless drivers

Drivers who operate their cars recklessly are dangerous. Their disregard for traffic rules, courtesies and other motorists is evident in their driving actions. Many reckless drivers also tend to tailgate and intimidate other drivers, speed, weave back and forth in traffic and engage in other dangerous driving behaviors that make the roads less safe for everyone on them.

Staying safe while driving on the roads is paramount. Drivers who are aware of the risks they face can alter their driving behaviors and travel plans so they can avoid them. Anyone dealing with a car accident situation that involves any of the above factors should speak with an attorney to learn about their options.