Our Team Is At Your Side When Life Changes

Divorce In Georgia When Assets Are Complex Or High-Value

At Gammon, McFall & Villarreal, we have woven the fabric of our firm’s history into the very heart of northwestern Georgia for over half a century.

As attorneys at a family-oriented law firm deeply rooted in the communities of Polk, Bartow, and Floyd counties, we carry the responsibility and honor of representing our neighbors with the tenacity and integrity they deserve.

Our Commitment To Effective High-Asset Divorce Representation

When it comes to navigating the complex waters of high-asset divorce, we understand that there’s more at stake than just finances. It’s about safeguarding your future and preserving the wealth you’ve worked so hard to build. We are more than just lawyers; we are your allies, your confidants, and your advocates, fiercely defending your rights and interests whether through negotiation, mediation, or in the courtroom.

Our team is composed of accomplished trial attorneys who are not only skilled in the art of litigation but also carry the traditional values we share with our clients. Born and raised in this region, our personal investment in every case is a reflection of our commitment to the community that shaped us.

Here’s How We Protect What’s Yours

High-asset divorces often require consideration of the following:

  • Business valuation: We meticulously assess and appraise your business interests to ensure a fair and equitable division.
  • Investments: Your financial future matters. We strive to protect your investment portfolios and secure your financial independence post-divorce.
  • Collectibles and other assets: From art to antiques, we recognize the unique value of your collectibles and work tirelessly to safeguard these assets.
  • Spousal support: We advocate for a spousal support agreement that reflects the true nature of your marital lifestyle and financial contributions.

Our capabilities extend beyond family law. We have a well-earned reputation for assisting clients in receiving maximum compensation for personal injury claims. We stand as skilled advocates and compassionate partners for people from all walks of life, helping them retain the assets that are most significant to them.

Rooted in Tradition, Geared for the Future

We take pride in our longstanding presence in northwestern Georgia, serving the communities of Cedartown, Cartersville, Rome, and beyond. At Gammon, McFall & Villarreal, we are more than a law firm; we are a legacy, a testament to the trust placed in us by generations of clients facing some of life’s most challenging moments.

Your Next Step to Security

As you face the prospect of a high-asset divorce, remember you are not alone. With Gammon, McFall & Villarreal by your side, you can step confidently into the future, knowing that your assets, your business, and your legacy are in capable hands. Connect with us to safeguard what you value most. Begin your journey towards peace of mind today by reaching out via email or calling us at 770-574-4925. Your legacy deserves no less than our dedicated advocacy.