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Making The Most Of Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Whether you have a desk job or one that involves manual labor, every occupation comes with its own risks and hazards. This is why workers’ compensation laws exist in Georgia and across the U.S. These laws protect your rights to receive benefits when injured on the job without having to go to court.

However, if you sustained a work-related injury, an attorney can still be beneficial to your case. With Gammon, McFall & Villarreal, you can get the legal guidance you need to navigate a complex claim today.

How We Can Support You With Your Claim

Workers’ compensation is designed to do three primary things:

  1. Pay wages if you are unable to work following your injury
  2. Provide medical care at no expense
  3. Return you to the workforce after you recover

How much you may receive from workers’ compensation is dependent on a variety of factors. Generally, workers can receive up to 2/3 of their average gross weekly wages in benefits. There is a weekly benefits cap, and benefits will only be paid for a maximum of 400 weeks.

As a full-service workers’ compensation firm, our lawyers assist you with the following:

  • Determining the eligibility of your injuries
  • Filling out and filing all the necessary paperwork for your claim
  • Dealing with the appeal process should your claim gets denied
  • Getting the compensation needed to pay for medical bills
  • Recovering lost wages for the time you are unable to work

Much like a personal injury case, an on-the-job injury can be equally devastating, can last a lifetime and can sometimes be fatal. Unlike a personal injury case, you cannot get benefits for your pain and suffering. For this reason, it is important that you get the right support early on to help you recover.

You Can Move Forward From This, Let Us Help

While we recognize that your life after a serious work injury may never be the same, we want you to know that you can still lead a full and fulfilling life. Let us help you get the compensation and treatment you need to move forward again.

Call our Cedartown, Cartersville or Rome offices today at 770-574-4925 for a free consultation. You may also send us a message using our online contact form. With our flexible scheduling options, we can meet when it’s most convenient for you. For those who are too injured to come to us, home and hospital visits are available at no extra cost.