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Types of distracted drivers you may encounter on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2017 | Blog, Firm News |

There are more people on the roads in Georgia during the summer season. It is no small wonder that the number of car wrecks goes up. Many causes contribute to these incidents occurring. However, alcohol, reckless behavior and distractions are the most dominant reasons.

Of these factors, distraction may seem like the most innocuous, but it presents a significant risk to your safety. To keep yourself from sustaining property damage and injuries, you should understand the types of distracted drivers you may encounter.

The mentally distracted driver

Everyone is so busy that it can be hard for them to keep their thoughts focused on what is going on around them on the roads. They may be so preoccupied with personal or work-related situations, the music that is on the radio or a conversation they are having with their passengers that they fail to stay focused on driving and the motorists around them.

The manually distracted motorist

Drivers who take one or both hands off their steering wheels are manually distracted. They could be reaching to pick something up, adjust the station on their vehicles’ infotainment systems, eating, or texting. Motorists who do not keep both of their hands on their steering wheels cannot maneuver their vehicles safely to avoid collisions.

The visually distracted vehicle operator 

It is imperative for drivers to keep their eyes on the road. However, many people behind the wheel may turn back to check on their kids, look at their passengers, check their appearance in the visor mirror or glance at something else besides what is in front, back and on the side of their vehicle.

The chances of you driving next to a distracted driver are high. They may even be engaged in more than one type of distraction, such as using their phone, which dramatically increases the risk and severity of dangers you face. To avoid collisions with distracted motorists, you should pay careful attention to the roads, report any noticeably distracted motorists to the authorities and always avoid distractions yourself, so you stay alert to sudden changes around your vehicle.