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Hidden dangers of dog bites

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Blog, Firm News |

No matter how friendly a dog may seem, it can always bite someone unprovoked. While bulldogs and chihuahuas are a couple of the most likely breeds of dog to bite, any breed poses a risk. 

Any dog bite, regardless of perceived severity, should undergo a doctor’s review. Many people avoid seeing a doctor because they do not think the wound is that severe. However, certain problems require time to develop, so it is always preferable to play it safe than sorry. 

Fulminant sepsis 

A report published by Richard W. Tisovec and Ram Kakaiya, MD found that even dogs vaccinated against rabies can still pass on dangerous bacteria. There are numerous symptoms associated with a fulminant sepsis infection, including diarrhea containing mucus, vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain.

Treatment is fairly simple, and most people who develop the infection can get rid of it within a week. However, it is much better to stop this infection at the source. Most of the time, there are no immediate symptoms, and the bites that transmit it tend to heal on their own quickly and look relatively normal. 

Respiratory problems

This is most likely to occur when the dog bite occurs around the neck. Over time, an injury here can result in hypoventilation. This is a respiratory problem of abnormally slow breathing, leading to an increase of carbon dioxide in a person’s bloodstream. Injuries around the neck can also lead to paralysis.

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from dog bites every year. A majority of these injuries occur with children. Kids are more likely to suffer a dog bite than adults because most of the time, they are unable to adequately read the signs a dog feels agitated.

Regardless of age, people should see a medical professional right away after sustaining a dog bite. Many times, the dog owner’s insurance can pay for the hospital visit, so there is no reason to avoid going.