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Make sure you stay safe when driving in the rain

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Many people have to get out in the rain, but this is very dangerous. Driving in the rain takes even more attention and planning than driving when the weather is nice out. There are several hazards that you need to know about if you are going to drive when the weather is wet.

First, the pavement will be wet. The most dangerous time to drive on wet pavement is when it first starts raining. Why? Oils and other substances on the roadway are dampened and can become slick. The more rain that falls, the more likely it is that these substances will be washed off the road. With them gone, all you have to contend with is water.

Second, it doesn’t take much water to cause a car to hydroplane. When the tires are gripping the water more than the pavement, it becomes impossible to steer the vehicle. Hydroplaning typically happens at speeds greater than 35 mph when there is at least 1/12-inch of water on the pavement.

Third, your speed needs to be adjusted. Speed limits are based on ideal driving conditions. When it is raining, you will need to drive a bit slower to remain safe. You also need to give yourself and other drivers more distance to stop on the wet road.

There are instances in which you can’t stop an accident. If other drivers aren’t driving safely, your vehicle might be hit. In these cases, you may decide that you are going to take legal action against that driver in an effort to get him or her to pay the damages related to the accident.

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