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Tips for safe winter motorcycle riding in Georgia

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Blog, Firm News |

Unlike some parts of the country, Cedartown and the surrounding area is still experiencing moderate temperatures. For avid bikers, this means warm enough weather for motorcycle riding.

However, do not let the weather lull you into a false sense of security. Winter is still fast approaching and comes with dangers, even in Georgia. Be prepared so you can safely enjoy outdoor rides a while longer.

Prep your bike

Make sure your motorcycle does not need any repairs. Replace worn parts, especially tires, and consider extra features such as heated grips and a large windshield. Also, be sure to use the right vehicle fluids for winter weather.

Wear the right gear

Dress in layers to accommodate fluctuating temperatures, particularly if you are riding in the early morning or at dusk. Make sure your clothing is waterproof, breathable and has moisture-wicking properties. An added bonus to layers: more protection against road rash should you get into an accident.

Watch out for road hazards

Winter conditions contribute to the deterioration of roads and hide hazards. Watch out for potholes, black ice and leaf piles. The best way to prevent an accident from these is by slowing your speed. You have less traction in cold weather and on slick roads, so make it easier to stop without losing control of your bike.

Put more distance between you and other vehicles

Rain, fog and darkness make it harder for both you and other motorists to see each other and potential pitfalls. Add more following distance to allow yourself plenty of time and space for sudden stops and turns. Winter is not the time for speeding; if you need to get somewhere in a rush, take your car instead.

Stay home in snow

For the few times it snows, stay home or drive another vehicle instead. Snow riding is dangerous due to wet roads and drivers who are not used to snowy conditions.