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Spring showers bring hazards for drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

The spring season brings showers that can lead to hazardous driving conditions. As the rain hits the roadway, the pavement gets slick. This isn’t just because of the water. It is also because of the grime and oil that is on the roads when the rain starts.

Substances like fluids from vehicles can fall onto the roadway and dry into what appears to be goop. When the rain falls, it wets these areas, which causes the fluid to run. Some fluids, such as motor oil, can be very slippery when they become wet with rain water.

Drivers who are heading out in the spring months need to be prepared for driving in the wet conditions. Safety on slick pavement starts with making sure your tires are in good shape. They need to have enough tread to grip the ground and must be properly inflated to ensure good traction.

You also have to be prepared to drive in foggy conditions. These pose a hazard because of the loss of visibility. Make sure you keep your lights on so that other drivers can see them through the fog.

If you are driving in these conditions and start to feel your vehicle skid or hydroplane, don’t panic. Instead, steer in the direction of the skid. This may allow you to try to regain control of the vehicle. Try not to slam on the brakes, because braking suddenly in these cases might lock up the wheels and turn the situation into one that is even more dangerous.

You have to pay attention to other drivers. There is a chance that other people on the road might not be as safe as you. They might cause an otherwise preventable accident. If you are struck by a driver who isn’t using proper safety measures, you might opt to seek compensation for your injuries or property damage losses.

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