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New technology keeps motorcycle riders safer on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2018 | Firm News |

Motorcycle crashes can leave riders with devastating, if not life-ending, injuries. Motorcycle manufacturers and accessory designers are constantly working toward greater safety innovations.

Here are five of the latest advances that help motorcyclists enjoy a safer ride:

1. Improved helmets

You may already own a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation. However, the newest models also offer GPS systems as well as cameras that are built into the design so you can see what is happening behind you and get better clarity for blind spots.

2. Wearable airbags

Motorcycle clothing manufacturers are building airbags into vests and jackets. Sensors in these garments detect a crash and the airbags deploy upon impact. Wearable airbags are especially helpful for senior riders who need more chest protection as they age.

3. Better boots

Boots are vital for motorcyclists since so many accidents result in severe injuries to the ankles and feet. New boot designs feature what is referred to as “flexible impact technology,” which provides greater protection by absorbing the energy generated at impact.

4. LED lights for your bike

It is amazing to discover how much clearer your view of the road ahead will be when you install LED lights on your bike. The added benefit is that drivers can also see you much more clearly.

5. System monitoring

The newest innovation out of Europe is motorcycle system monitoring, which includes tire pressure monitors, cruise control and semi-active suspension.

Help when you need it

Even if you take advantage of all the latest safety features for your motorcycle and what you wear while riding it, you can never be safe enough. Accidents happen. A crash can come out of nowhere, and you might be the unlucky victim. An attorney experienced with handling motorcycle crash cases will tell you that having a seasoned advocate can make all the difference at this point. Let a professional negotiate your insurance settlement while you focus on making a full recovery and getting back on the open road.