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Trips to stores should be safe, but there are many hazards

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Firm News, Slip-and-fall Injuries |

The trips that you take to stores of all sorts should be safe ones. There are some points of going to these stores that can prove to be dangerous if the employees aren’t taking proper precautions. Interestingly, your risks start before you ever step foot in the building.

There is a chance that you might be hurt in the parking lot. This can come from tripping on uneven pavement, slipping on loose gravel or being struck by a vehicle. In some cases, inadequate lighting in the parking lot can put you at risk of these accidents occurring, but it might also put you at risk of being attacked.

Once you are in the store, there is a risk of the floors being wet. Store employees should make these issues highly visible by placing wet floor signage in the area. They should also clean up the spills as soon as possible. At entryways, using rugs and fans might be beneficial to help keep the floors at dry as possible.

Another hazard has to do with the merchandise. Shelving units are meant to hold up to a specific weight in items. When that is exceeded or if the items aren’t placed in a stable way, there is a chance that things might fall. This could hit a patron and cause a very serious injury.

Large crowds that behave more like mobs can also lead to injuries from trampling. It is imperative that stores prepare for high value sales or other events that will bring in a lot of business.

When a person is hurt at a store, they need to ensure they file an incident or accident report. Getting medical care is also usually in order. Ultimately, these events can lead to a lawsuit.