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3 of the most aggressive dog breeds

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3 of the most aggressive dog breeds

Nature vs. nurture is an age-old debate, and it is just as relevant to animals as it is to humans. When it comes to a dog’s disposition, it is hard to say whether their environment or heritage plays a bigger role. The cause of a dog’s aggression is of little importance, though, when it comes to fruition and results in an injury. This is what happens when aggressive dogs lash out and end up biting somebody.

The following are three of the most stereotypically aggressive dog breeds, but any breed can be aggressive or bite somebody. It is important to get medical attention as soon as possible after a bite and seek out legal counsel from an attorney for more information on handling your claim and your case. 

Pit bulls

It is, unfortunately, true that pit bulls are the breed most commonly associated with violence against people. This breed is known to bite and even attack to the point of disfigurement or death. There are many potential causes that might lead up to an attack, but the end result is tragedy, and the owners of pit bulls should be hypervigilant about keeping their pet under control. 


Rottweilers, too, are particularly prone to attacking people without provocation. This is due in part to their size. Many Rottweilers can weigh in at 100 lbs, and this sheer force of weight makes them dangerous if their owners are not paying attention. Much like pit bulls, statistics support the supposition that Rottweilers are simply more prone to aggression than other types of dogs.


There are several types of Pinscher breeds, and all of them have the potential to be dangerous. German Pinschers and Doberman Pinschers, in particular, are often cited as some of the most dangerous dogs in terms of liability and aggression. These dogs are supposedly inclined to attack because of their breeding for military use.