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Parking lot safety 101: Part 1

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Firm News |

One issue that people often overlook until an unfortunate event happens that results in property damage, injuries or death is parking lot safety. Unlike the streets and highways of Georgia, parking lots do not have many regulations or laws governing their safety. However, business owners do not always take reasonable measures to make their parking areas safe for their patrons. Those who do not make their premises safe risk assuming liability for parking lot accidents that cause harm to others.

Motorists should not forget their obligation to operate their vehicles safely and responsibly also extends to parking lots and garages. Slower posted speeds and less traffic does not mean that there is nothing drivers should watch out for. Distractions, fatigue, inebriation, poor design and inadequate lighting are some of the many factors that compromise public safety in parking lots. There are also other issues that could arise that compromise your safety such as being robbed or assaulted. Before you head back out on the roads, take some time to review the following information on parking lot safety.

Remain alert 

Focus on driving. Distractions and fatigue are two common issues that interfere with driving performance. Remember that pedestrians are not always aware of their surroundings and are significantly more susceptible to harm.

Use vehicle signals 

Pedestrians and other motorists cannot accurately ascertain your driving intentions if you do not use your vehicle’s signals to alert them. Use your turn signal for all turns, anticipate the movements of others and avoid sudden and random movements that could startle or confuse others. Many newer vehicles come with technology and safety features to make driving easier. Continue to use your car’s mirrors and perform a full scan of the area before parking your vehicle.

Accidents and situations that can cause injury and death in parking lots are not always easy to prevent or avoid. With due diligence and the necessary precautions, you can help avoid accidents, crime and other issues that compromise motorist and pedestrian safety in parking lots.