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Do you need a second medical opinion for your workers’ comp case?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Despite taking precautions and following the latest safety regulations, you sustained an injury at your Georgia workplace. While your employer offers workers’ compensation to cover your injuries and lost wages, you may not feel the insurance provider’s doctor gave you a proper examination.

 Sometimes it is a good idea to trust your instincts when dealing with an insurance company. Learn when and how to go about seeking a second medical opinion.

 Getting a second opinion is not always easy

 One of the biggest roadblocks you have to overcome in such a scenario is that your employer’s workers’ compensation provider may have a short list of approved doctors you can see. Some coverage providers are unwilling to allow employees to seek a second opinion.

 Know when to consider a second opinion

 Maybe you are not 100% certain you need a second opinion and do not want to rock the boat. Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt when you should seek the advice of another physician may help. For instance, you may feel your employer’s doctor interrupts you more than listens to you, or you may experience pain or discomfort even when a physician says you are okay.

 It also makes sense to see another doctor if the first recommends a major medical procedure that you are not comfortable with. It could be as simple as your company’s health care provider gives you bad vibes. Any of these are reason enough to request a second opinion.

 Go about getting another opinion the right way

 So, if you know for a fact you want to pursue a second opinion, how do you do so? You should start by checking Georgia’s most recent workers’ compensation regulations regarding whether and how you can go about seeing a different physician. Alternatively, you have the right to speak with an HR representative at your company about your reservations and your desire for a second medical opinion. By going through the appropriate channels, you may make it easier to seek future claims for damages.