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Head-on accident kills television news anchor

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Tragically, a man was killed in a head-on car accident in South Carolina. Reports indicate that four others suffered injuries in the wreck, which happened right around four in the morning.

The man was a television news anchor for WTOC. That channel, which is based out of Savannah, Georgia, is a CBS affiliate.

The early-morning wreck, which did happen close to a nightclub, was by the Talmadge Bridge. Reports indicate that the vehicle the news anchor was traveling in was struck by a pickup truck. The driver of that truck was hurt and taken to the hospital, though his condition was stable as of the last reports. He’s also from Savannah.

The news anchor was not driving, but was a passenger in the car that was hit. He was sitting on the passenger side, in the back seat. The driver of that vehicle did live, but his condition is considered serious. Two other passengers were also injured.

After news of his passing broke, people quickly spoke up to praise the man. Members of the news staff said that he was a great person, and many viewers went on social media to write about how they would miss seeing him on the news.

The man had moved to Savannah from Syracuse, New York, but he’d been working in the area for over a decade.

Right now, the police are investigating the accident to find out exactly why it happened, but it still shows just how quickly accidents can claim lives or change them forever, as even those who make it through have significant injuries and a long road to recovery. In situations like that, those who are hurt and the families of those who are killed may need to seek financial compensation.

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