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What evidence can prove injuries are due to inadequate security?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2024 | Personal Injury |

In Georgia, premises liability cases involving injuries due to inadequate security require a careful examination of the evidence. Property owners have a legal obligation to maintain a reasonably safe environment for individuals on their premises.

Unfortunately, security measures sometimes fall short and lead to harm.

Incident documentation

The foundation of any premises liability case is a comprehensive documentation of the incident. Begin by gathering incident reports filed by the property owner or security personnel, if such reports are available. This documentation should include details such as the time, date and location, along with any evidence of negligence or inadequate security measures.

Surveillance footage

Surveillance footage can be a powerful piece of evidence in premises liability cases. Obtain any available video recordings from the property’s security cameras. This visual evidence can provide a clear depiction of the events leading to the injury, showcasing any lapses in security that contributed to the incident.

Witness statements

Collect statements from witnesses who observed the incident or can attest to the inadequate security conditions. Eyewitness accounts add credibility to the case and can offer unique perspectives on the events that unfolded. Ensure that witness statements have sufficient details and contact information for further legal proceedings.

Property maintenance records

Inadequate security often stems from neglect in maintaining the property. Obtain records related to the property’s maintenance, highlighting any lapses in security measures. This may include evidence of malfunctioning security systems, broken locks or poorly lit areas.

Prior incidents and security history

Investigate the property’s history for prior incidents of a similar nature. If the property has a track record of inadequate security leading to injuries, it strengthens the case for negligence.

Police reports and criminal activity

In cases where injuries result from criminal activity, obtain police reports related to the incident. For example, Georgia has about 2.79 cases of assault per 1,000 people and 0.44 cases of robbery.

Highlight any criminal history associated with the property, emphasizing the need for improved security measures to prevent foreseeable harm.

By presenting a comprehensive overview of the inadequate security conditions, victims increase their chances of seeking justice and holding property owners accountable for maintaining a safe environment.