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Know what to do if you are bitten by a dog

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Dog Bites, Firm News |

Dogs are sometimes unpredictable, which makes them rather dangerous in some instances. People who own dogs should make sure that they are socializing them and training them so that they can be around people without incident.

There are some instances in which a dog will attack a person. These attacks range from minor bites on the hand to very severe maulings that can lead to death. No matter what type of bite you suffer, there is always the chance of infection or disease because of it.

If you suffer from superficial wounds only, you might not need to go to the hospital. It might be a good idea to head to your doctor’s office so that you have the wounds check, especially if you think that they might become infected.

More serious injuries, such as deep puncture wounds, bites to the face or bites over large areas of the body, will most likely require medical care. These types of wounds are often handled very carefully by medical professionals because the deep, dark, warm punctures are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Another consideration here is rabies. If you know who the owner of the dog is, you can find out if the dog has a current rabies vaccination. If the dog doesn’t have a current rabies vaccination, you could end up with rabies if the dog was infected. This would be a very serious matter.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be left to cover the costs of the bite if the dog wasn’t your dog. This is one instance in which filing a personal injury claim might be suitable.

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