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Naming defendants in a car crash case must be handled carefully

| Dec 15, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

When another vehicle slams into you, there is a chance that you will suffer very serious injuries. In these cases, you need to make sure that you get the medical care that you need. Once this priority is taken care of, you can move on with deciding what other actions you need to take regarding the crash.

You might soon come to realize that insurance coverage isn’t going to come close to covering your expenses for the accident. This means that you need to consider seeking compensation for the crash. You must consider all of the circumstances of the crash to ensure that you are holding the appropriate parties liable.

Many times, people automatically say that they are going to sue the driver who hit them. This is one option, but it might not be the only one. Other entities might also be able to be named as defendants. Looking at the specifics of the case can clue us into these.

One important point to consider is whether the person was in a commercial vehicle or a personal vehicle. Another is what the person was doing at the time of the crash. If you were struck by a commercial vehicle, such as a delivery truck, you might turn to the company for compensation. If the person was driving one’s own vehicle for work purposes, you might be able to hold the company liable. Holding the driver accountable is likely still possible. You might even be able to name the company’s insurer in your claim.

Ultimately, we need to think carefully about who we name so that we can avoid missing a party that might be able to share in the financial responsibility of the crash.