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Month: February 2018

Pro linebacker from Atlanta hit and killed by drunk driver

Edwin Jackson was from Atlanta, Georgia. The linebacker made it into the NFL in 2015 and played for the Indianapolis Colts. Then, his home town felt the shock when news broke that he'd been killed in a car accident.Jackson had gotten an Uber ride, but he felt sick...

Outdoor hazards must be handled right away

Slips and falls are sometimes minor incidents that don't have lasting impacts. In other cases, they are catastrophic situations that come with serious injuries. Property owners need to make sure that they are keeping their property free of hazards that might lead...

Car crash injuries can devastate your life

Being involved in a car crash can be the first event that starts you down a negative path that you might not have ever thought you would be placed on. This is a very difficult reality to face, especially if you have a catastrophic injury. We understand that you aren't...