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2 risks that come with a dog bite

| Nov 9, 2018 | Dog Bites, Firm News |

Dog bites can lead to serious problems for the victims. This is due in part to the bacteria that is present in the dog’s mouth. When the teeth penetrate the skin, the bacteria is pushed into the wound. You might think that a wound is minor, but an infection could be brewing under the skin. We understand that you have a lot to deal with after the bite, but you need to be aware about what is going on.

One of the most important things you can do after a dog attack is to seek medical care. Some doctors will opt to put you on prophylactic antibiotics as a precaution so that they can stave off any infection that might develop. This measure could prove beneficial for many people. We realize many people don’t like to take medications, so you have to weigh the risks and benefits as they apply to your case.

Of course, there are other things to worry about when you are bitten by a dog. Rabies is one of these. All pet dogs should have a current rabies vaccination. Be sure to get a copy of the current proof of this vaccination if the owner has it. If the owner doesn’t, you could be in for a long road to recovery as you are monitored for signs of this disease. The dog will also need to be quarantined.

After you get the medical care you need, you should decide whether you are going to seek compensation or not. If you opt to, you need ensure that you act quickly since you will have to comply with time limits in these cases. We can help you to get the process going.