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Georgia’s DUI penalties, expenses among nation’s harshest

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Blog |

Drinking and driving in any U.S. state leads to serious consequences. If you do so in Georgia, though, you may face particularly strict repercussions in the aftermath. If authorities charge you with driving under the influence and that charge leads to a conviction, your life may change significantly moving forward. 

According to Alcohol.org, Georgia ranks second in the nation in terms of how it penalizes DUI offenders. Only Arizona has harsher penalties. How much might a Georgia DUI cost you? 

DUI-related expenses 

Every DUI case is different, so it is difficult to put an exact number on how much your DUI might cost after factoring in all related expenses. But once you add up bail costs, towing and impound fees, attorney fees, fines and other expenses, your offense may cost you somewhere between about $10,000 and $25,000. 

Note that this range refers to the expenses you might face following a first-time DUI and that the expenses associated with later DUI arrests may prove much higher. Once you regain your driving privileges, you should also expect a steep increase in your automotive insurance bills. 

DUI-related penalties 

Expect to face other, non-financial penalties after a DUI conviction in Georgia. As a first-time offender, you may have to spend up to a year behind bars. You should also plan on surrendering your license for a set period, and you also must complete at least 40 hours of community service, among other possible repercussions. 

The breath test factor 

When you face a DUI charge, the results of your breath test may be some of the most compelling evidence against you. Yet breath test devices are not always accurate. If you suspect the results of your breath test may be inaccurate, it may benefit you to investigate further.