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When divorce and job loss collide

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorce is enough to disrupt anyone’s life, but throw job loss in the mix and the future may look pretty bleak. While neither of these factors is easy situations to manage, people who approach these challenges with a determination to succeed may find success sooner than those who allow their situation to control their lives. 

Separating the intense emotions of divorce and job loss and finding the focus to look for a new job with confidence requires planning and realistic thinking. 

Streamlining the search 

Skills play an important role in narrowing down a person’s job search. According to Family Education, experts recommend that job seekers focus their attention on their strengths, education, skills and interests to identify likely job prospects. Divorcees who lack certain skills may consider enrolling in adult education courses in their community to learn and develop tools that will enable them to be more competitive in their job search. 

Maintaining a realistic perspective 

Keeping a realistic perspective when so many factors remain uncertain can prove challenging for many people. However, they should do their best to see the big picture and identify how their current choices will affect their future. Forbes warns people of seeking after a dream job if they lose their job during a divorce. Rather, they recommend that people practice diligence in finding new employment as soon as possible and with comparative pay to their previous job. 

People managing job loss during divorce should also proactively communicate with the courts if they have a requirement to pay child support or alimony. Informing the court of their inability to pay and the reasons why can help them avoid the consequences of ignoring financial obligations altogether.