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Can you recover from memory damage after a crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If you got involved in a crash, you likely suffered from some form of head or brain injury. Along with back and neck injuries, these are the most common for almost any type of collision.

Unfortunately, memory loss and damage goes hand in hand with head injuries. The damage itself can seem monumental at first. But is there any way for you to recover?

Frontal lobe injuries

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center discusses ties between the brain and memory. First, your memory suffers based on the area of your brain that faced injury. For example, damage to the front of the brain is common in rear end and head-on collisions. Because of that, the frontal lobe suffers injury. This is where your short term memories get stored. As such, your short term memory may suffer. You could struggle recalling things that just happened. You may have trouble coding those memories into long term memories.

You can recover from memory damage after a crash, though. As your brain heals, your memory itself will likely regain functionality. Unfortunately, there are some instances where the brain never fully recovers. As such, your memory never returns to its former state, either.

Therapies aid in memory recovery

If you want to aid in the recovery process, there are memory health therapies you can attend. You can also maximize brain recovery by following the orders of your doctor carefully. They may send you to rehabilitation as well, which can help speed up the process. This is also why you may want to consider seeking financial compensation. It can help you afford the medical help you need in your recovery.