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3 essential tips for riding your motorcycle in the city

The streets of Georgia may be full of motorcycle riders and lovers, but it is not necessarily a motorcycle-friendly state. If you ask people who regularly use their motorcycle to commute, they will inform you about bad drivers and oblivious pedestrians. Riding your bike into the city takes superior awareness and excellent riding skills to avoid accidents

Dangers drivers face on the roads

With warmer weather comes an increase in traffic and accidents on the roads in Cedartown. Every day, motorists travel to and from their destinations without a thought to the dangers they face along the way. There are traffic regulations, signs, lights and law enforcement to help mitigate these hazards so drivers can have safer commutes. However, the best way for motorists to protect themselves on the roads is to learn about the risks they face so they can better avoid them.

Georgia Leads and Follows The Nation In Laws Against Distracted Driving

As if there weren't already enough dangers on our roads, the advent of cell phones has only made driving in northwest Georgia even riskier. It is easy for someone to get distracted by their cell phone and cause serious accidents and severely injure someone. Georgia recently followed the lead of several other states and enacted strict laws against distracted driving.

What higher auto insurance rates mean to drivers in Georgia

According to a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgia led the nation in 2016 for auto insurance premium price hikes. In a state where more than 11.5 percent of drivers are already uninsured, this does not portend well for drivers who face the misfortune of getting into an accident.

Construction Zones Are Danger Zones

The number of motor vehicle accidents resulting in injuries and deaths occurring in road construction zones nationwide is staggering and depressing. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports that during a typical year in America, more than 650 people die in car, truck and motorcycle accidents in construction zones, where speeds are supposed to be reduced. Although drivers are required by law to come to a stop when a construction worker is in harm's way, NIOSH reports that as high as 65 percent of all fatalities in construction zone accidents are road crew workers.

Three things you must do after an accident

Even a seemingly minor motor vehicle accident can have long-lasting effects. You might not think that your injury was serious, but you might suffer lingering effects such as a ringing in your ears, blurred vision or muscle spasms. It is wise to treat even a fender-bender as a serious event.


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